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Sheep Handler Sheep + Lamb Handler


Patented, stainless steel design that takes the sheep's feet out of contact with the ground, so the animal is fully immobilised for your safety and theirs.

Handle adult sheep and lambs at the same time. Entirely mechanical operation - no electricity or air required. Ease the physical burden from Sheep+Lamb handling, and enjoy greater efficiency.

Up to


sheep per hour (drench + weigh)
Year round use


It can handle 5kg lambs to 150kg rams

10 yr

that's how much we believe in its quality

NEW FOR 2024

Cotter Crate Small Trailer

3 mins to set up, 7 mins to pack up. Quick and easy sheep handling, anywhere.

NEW FOR 2024

Cotter Crate Large Trailer

Under 10 mins to set up a sheep handler and a full mobile yard to handle 400+ sheep at one time. That's the kinda speed you need if you handle sheep in a few different places.

Cotter Crate - In Detail

Watch Cotter Agritech co-founder Nick talk through the Cotter Crate in detail - it's design philosophy around natural sheep behaviour and its features.

Top 5 Features on the Cotter Crate

Dose Holder

Features 4x rubber-lined holders for drench guns/injectors, spray can holder & tray.

Entry/Exit Gates

Controls flow, eliminates animals running straight through the unit and being missed.

Side wall height

3 heights - Low, Standard and XL. All side wall heights are supplied with the Cotter Crate Standard Unit.

Adjustable width & anti-backing

Lift each side on the lead-in ramp into either the narrow or wide position. 4x anti-backing flaps supplied - 2 at the entrance and 2 in the middle of the ramp to keep flow optimal.

4 Way Draft

Once an animal is clamped, they can be drafted 3 different ways. A 4th shedding direction is possible by letting animals run straight through the system and jump off the end of the exit ramp.

Mobility Options

We've recently added NEW options:


No wheels on any element. Suited for operators who handle in one place and will never move their crate.

Hand Wheel Kit

Wheels are fitted to the lead-in ramp, clamp section, and drafting section. This makes it easy to move the crate around e.g. if the crate is set up in a shed but stored outdoors during wintertime when sheds are used for winter housing.

Small Trailer (NEW)

Road legal trailer that facilitates moving the crate around quickly and easily. Set up takes ~3 mins, packing up ~7 mins.

Large Trailer (NEW)

Road legal trailer that facilitates moving not only the crate, but a full mobile yard to handle 400+ sheep at one time (pictured is 24x 7ft aluminium hurdles + 1x 7ft diamond gate).

Standard Unit Extras

These extras come free of charge on a Cotter Crate Standard Unit.

Rubber lined dose/injection gun holder (up to 4 guns). Supplied with a spray can tray and a 2nd tray for general storage.

2 sets provided - one set at the entrance of the onramp, and another set approx. 2/3rd up the length of the onramp.

Placed beside the operator platform. This enables a user to work solo, as they can safely move between the crate and the onramp if an animal needs encouragement to enter the crate section.

Increases the height of the side wall by 4 inches. Used for larger rams/ewes over 80kg, or for flighty sheep.

To complete your unit...

Choose your weigh head, eID reader and smart dose gun to maximise ROI

Agrident AWR300 eID Reader €980,00 EUR
Agrident APR450 eID Reader €700,00 EUR
Printer for Agrident Readers €78,00 EUR
TruTest SRS2 eID Reader €705,00 EUR
TruTest XRS2 eID Reader €1.260,00 EUR
Printer for TruTest Readers €61,00 EUR
Automed 10ml Injection Adapter €74,00 EUR

what customers think

3 Favourite Features

Steven Johnston from Ballymena, Co. Antrim explains the difference the Cotter Crate makes for him.


Cotter Crate vs. Drench Race

Why use a Cotter Crate?

  • Ease the physical burden from handling sheep, take yourself out of the drench race for easier and safer work that requires less effort

  • One operator can do multiple treatments quickly and easily with the supplied dose holder (up to 4). A better option compared to running up a race four times for different treatments.

  • Get more done in the same time compared to the usual run-around, where you're lucky to tick off one or two tasks before the clock calls time. Less time in yards means happier sheep, and what do happier sheep do? They grow faster with more time spent in the paddock.

Designed with you in mind

You can read about the Cotter Crate's R&D here

We invested 3 years of R&D into working with 18 of the best Irish and UK farmers to prototype a sheep handler that, at the end of the testing phase, had have the farmers saying, "there's nothing more I can think of". We can now stand behind a product that had many of its features born out of ideas of sheep farmers themselves.

Steel parts are precision laser cut, deburred and polished 304 Stainless Steel. Stainless offers excellent rust and corrosion protection and also looks fantastic. This crate will last for a lifetime.

We use a lightweight, UV stabilised plastic with a textured, scratch resistant finish (similar to your car's interior in terms of feel).

All Cotter Crates are manufactured at our HQ in Abbeyfeale, Co. Limerick in Ireland. When you buy from us you are support the rural economy, rural jobs and your money goes back into rural communities. You are also assured of a company with full control over the quality of what it produces.

What Farmers Say

Hear from David Beattie aka Sheep School on YouTube from Co. Cavan, Ireland. David independently reviewed the Cotter Crate (unpaid) and gave it the thumbs up.

Don't take it from us, take it from them

Visit an owner near you

Northern Ireland
- Steven Johnston (Ballymena, Co. Antrim)
- David Kwaneski (Omagh, Co. Tyrone)

- Padraig Fraiser (Louisburgh, Co. Mayo)
- Ger Harney (Ardrahan, Co. Galway)
- Brian Nicholson (Johnstown, Co. Kilkenny)
- William Hutchinson (Kells, Co. Kilkenny)
- Lucy Tottenham (Ashford, Co. Wicklow)
- Curraghmore Farm (Black Valley, Co. Kerry)
- Bernard O Leary (Mizen Head, Co. Cork)

- Irwel Jones (Llanelli, South Wales)
- John Yeomans (Newtown, North Wales)

- Harnage Estates (near Shrewsbury)
- Aireyholme Farm (near Middlesborough)
- Jayne Brown (near Durham)

Brian Nicholson

Johnstown, Co. Kilkenny Contact us to organise visit

Jayne Brown

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Steven Johnston

Ballymena, Co. Antrim Contact us to organise visit

Ger Harney

Ardrahan, Co. Galway Contact us to organise visit

Curraghmore Farm

Black Valley, Co. Kerry Contact us to organise a visit

William Hutchinson

Kells, Co. Kilkenny Contact us to organise visit

Aireyholme Farm

Middlesborough, North England

David Kwaneski

Omagh, Co. Tyrone Contact us to organise a visit

Harnage Estates

Shrewsbury, South West England Contact us to organise visit

Lucy Tottenham

Ashford, Co. Wicklow Contact us to organise a visit

John Yeomans

Newtown, North Wales Contact us to organise a visit

Irwel Jones

Llanelli, South Wales Contact us to organise a visit

Bernard O Leary

Mizen Head, Co. Cork Contact us to organise a visit

Padraig Fraiser

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