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Frequently Asked Questions

What features are included?


✅ Unlimited number of users
✅ Available on Android and Apple (Desktop later in 2024)
✅ Works offline if no internet, syncs automatically once connected
✅ In app "Call For Help Powered by Zoom" on demand customer support tool
✅ Export all data to your email (.csv format) for uploading to management software. 

Smart Worming

✅ Access to our algorithm driven treatment recommendation to enable you to selectively treat your lambs for worms
✅ Worm Score override functionality. You are always in control of whether to treat or not
✅ Report of best/worst performance for worm resistance and resilience breeding, build resistance and resilience to internal parasites with SmartWorm

Hardware Integrations
✅ Weigh scale and EID reader integration for rapid treatment recommendations
✅ Automed smart dosing gun integration to futher optimise medicine use
✅ Integration with auto drafting equipment powered by selected TruTest weigh heads (XR/ID3000, XR/ID5000). SmartWorm can instruct auto drafters to draft off animals needing/not needing worming in real time, significantly reducing drenching time
✅ Manual weigh and manual animal ID entry option for basic weigh scale users 

✅ Summary of drug usage with SmartWorm vs blanket treating (%, Litres and $ saved) 
✅ Medicine usage reports 
✅ Real time performance stats: min/max weight, average weight and ADG, percentage dosed/not dosed, response to previous treatment, drug efficacy analysis
✅ Track weight and average daily gain of each mob over time

Individual animal data recording
✅ Record weight and weight gains
✅ Record selective, whole flock and individual treatments in real time during handling.
✅ Record 20+ unique traits for each individual animal
✅ In-app full medicine database with all currently available sheep drugs to choose from
✅Create your own custom drugs function.
✅ Individual animal record card showing full info and weighing/treatment history

What equipment do you integrate with?

We integrate with almost all weighing and EID equipment including TruTest, Gallagher, Shearwell, Allflex and Te Pari (click here to see list).

Can SmartWorm be used without internet?

Yes. SmartWorm works offline in the paddock or in a yard with no service. Once you connect back to internet, your data will be automatically synced to our cloud servers.

Does the price include updates?

Yes. All of our exciting planned future updates are included in your annual subscription charge.

What about customer support?

We provide world-beating customer support via our novel 'Call For Help Powered by Zoom' function. This allows you to audio/video call and screen share with our team in seconds, without leaving the SmartWorm app. So no need to scour YouTube or our website for tutorials and guides. It's customer support on your terms.

When you are back into the office from the yards, we do have the tutorials and video guides on our website so you can learn how to best use SmartWorm. Our phone number is always there if you're scratching your head on something. Just give us a ring!

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