Gallagher W-0 Weigh Head

€520,00 EUR

The Gallagher W-0 Weigh Scale is an ideal entry-level scales to start weighing your animals. Monitor animal weights to gain an insight into performance. With easy installation, user- friendly design and Bluetooth connectivity.

SmartWorm Software Integration - YES (Android and iOS)
Automed Smart Dose Gun Integration - YES (Android and iOS)


1. Long lasting, rechargeable power
Internal rechargeable battery operates for up to 30 hours 

2. Simple to use, easily read weigh and display interface 
Large intuitive buttons and backlit LCD screen makes scale operation straightforward 

3. Tough, farm ready exterior
Built to withstand the harshest of farming environments

4. Full control of your weigh scale operating modes
Change between automatic, manual and weight lock modes directly on your scale

5. Robust load bar connectors 
Heavy duty load bar ports provide a reliable connection to your load bars 

6. Suitable for permanent or temporary installation 
Includes mounting bracket for permanent installation or easily used sitting flat or handheld

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1 year warranty.

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If you want to use SmartWorm and don't currently own a weigh head, WeighRite is what we recommend.


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