World's lightest and smallest Powered smart dosing gun

Introducing AUTOMED

So Smart.
Automed connects to weigh scales to automatically calculate the dose based on an animals weight. Or else set a fixed dose so every animal gets the exact same amount.

So Easy.

Battery powered for pull-of-a-trigger dosing and it's exceptionally balanced. It's also the world's lightest and smallest dosing gun.

So Precise.
It ensures every animal gets the exact right amount. And it alerts if a dose is not fully delivered or if there's any blockage.

This is smart, modern, precision livestock farming.

Automed device with 20ml drench adapter from €999 ex vat

Up to


drench saving in weight based mode


World's lightest Smart Dose Gun
Up to

16 hrs

Continuous use (via hot swap feature)


What Customers Say

Hear Mark Mortimer based in New South Wales, Australia explain the 3 benefits of using the Automed Smart Dosing Gun for easy and precise medicating of his sheep.

What is it?

Automed is a NEW powered dosing gun that takes the thinking out of dosing cattle and sheep, cuts time spent dosing and eliminates repetitive hand strain. With Automed, you no longer need to think about setting the dose amount, gun calibration or even fully pulling the trigger. Automed frees you up to focus on the right things during dosing - safely restraining the animal, placement of your needle/drench tip and proper dosing technique.

2 modes:

: Set a fixed dose so every animal gets the same amount. The first dose is as accurate as the last.

Auto: connect Automed to weigh heads via an Android/iOS арр, and it will auto calculate the dose based on the animals weight so every animal gets the right amount. This eliminates underdosing and associated drench resistance, and avoids expensive overdosing.


Automed integrates with almost every weigh scale available via an Android and Apple app. This enables the dose to be automatically calculated based on the animal's weight in real time.

TruTest S3
TruTest Eziweigh7i
TruTest XR5000, ID5000 & JR5000 (Android only)
TruTest XR3000 & ID3000 (Android only)

Gallagher W0/W1
Gallagher TW1/TW3
Gallagher TWR1/TWR5


TrueNorth Technologies WeighRite

Automed in Action


Automed Smart Gun vs. Basic Dose Gun

  • Easy – powered for dose delivery at the pull of a trigger 
  • World’s smallest and lightest - weighs just 725g (with 20ml Oral/Pour On adapter attached)
  • Simple - 2 modes: Fixed dose or Weight based
  • Smart - Free app provides weigh head integration & tracks drug savings 
  • Accurate – complies with ISO 7886-1 (human medicine syringe standard)
  • Long life - 2x 8 hour batteries supplied, enables near indefinite use 
  • Safe - adjustable delivery speed for different medicines 
  • Flexibility – manually set to administer as small as 0.1ml to unlimited
  • Super smart - alerts if full dose not been delivered or on any blockage
  • Peace of mind - dose counter on the device


What's in the box

  • Automed Device
  • 2 batteries
  • Charging base
  • Regional charger 
  • Chosen adapter

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