WeighRite Weigh Head

€520,00 EUR

WeighRite is a low-cost, entry-level weighing device manufactured by Irish company TrueNorth Technologies. Capitalising on the advancement in smartphone technology, the WeighRite device Bluetooth's the animal's weight to a smartphone in real time. The weight is displayed in the FREE 'WeighRite' app available on android and iOS.

SmartWorm Software Integration - YES (Android and iOS)
Automed Smart Dose Gun Integration - YES (Android and iOS)

The app enables advanced capabilities generally only seen in much more expensive, higher spec weigh heads. This includes displaying average daily weight gain (ADG) (last), average daily gain (ADG) (since birth), body condition scoring (BCS) recording capability, drafting into groups, display of the animals age, and EID reader integration.

Post-session stats include min/max/average weight and min/max/average ADG. 

WeighRite's rugged design is IP rated making it more than capable of dealing with the harsh farm environment. Backed up with ISO14001 manufacturing process, CE approval and two-year warranty - WeighRite is built to last. WeighRite is powered from an internal rechargeable battery and will accept power from auxiliary sources (power bank or charging via USB-C type cable).

WeighRite may be used across multiple enterprises on the farm. Weighing modes for dairy, beef, sheep, pigs or other livestock are catered for in the WeighRite App.  

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1 year warranty.

The preferred partner of SmartWorm

If you want to use SmartWorm and don't currently own a weigh head, WeighRite is what we recommend.


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