Agrident AWR300 eID Reader

€980,00 EUR

Premium eID stick reader for sheep and cattle. Longest battery life and read range of the Agrident reader options. The extra read range is particularly useful for sheep weighing where the operator is attaching the reader to the outside of a weigh crate for automatic reading, like in the Cotter Crate.

SmartWorm integration - Android and Apple

The reader has built-in management software for recording events like births, movements, deaths and sales. The reader has an internal database memory, and the capability of displaying animal information on the screen of the reader.

The preloaded sheep recording software links to the free AgriDataTransfer windows software, or the more comprehensive Select Sheepware package for windows which is priced according to flock size.

It is compatible with various models of Bluetooth enabled weigh scales, printers and other devices.

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