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Wales Small Grants - Our Eligible Products

Wales Small Grants - Our Eligible Products

If you're a farmer in Wales, you can get up to 20% off a Cotter Crate, 40% off Automed Dosing Guns and 40% off weigh heads and EID readers through the Small Grants - Efficiency Scheme. Full detail of the scheme here.

What you need to know about the grant:

  • The grant application window runs from March 6 2024 – April 16 2024

  • The minimum grant is £1,000 and the maximum is £12,000

  • Provides max 40% contribution towards NEW equipment (ex VAT)

  • The grant will be a maximum 40% contribution against actual invoiced costs

  • You have 180 days after you get your grant contract to make a claim

  • Previous participation in the Farm Business Grant will not affect your ability to apply for the maximum £12,000 grant.

  • It's £12,000 across the last Small Grants window and this window that is available to you. You can keep applying for items until you exhaust your £12,000 max support.


The Cotter Crate Sheep + Lamb Handler is eligible under the following headings:

- Sheep Handler

Reference cost: £2,509
Max grant amount: 
Score: 417.5
Grant you should receive: £1,004 (the lowest cost Cotter Crate is more expensive that the reference cost)
Specification: "Crate or clamp style sheep handler capable of allowing efficient dagging, dosing and sorting of sheep. (For sorting sheep, the handler will release sheep through a drafting gate.) Must be fully galvanised or powder paint coated metal. NOTE: Cotter Crate is eligible as stainless steel construction."
Any Cotter Crate with Drafting qualifies ✅

- Weigh Bars / Platforms

Reference cost: £1,120
Max grant amount:
Score: 410
Grant you should receive:
£448 (our load bars are more expensive than the reference cost)
"Load bars or a platform compatible with the crush, compatible with an electronic weigh system"
The Weigh Bars added to your Cotter Crate qualifies ✅

Automed Smart Dosing Gun

- Auto EID Drench Gun

Reference cost: £850
Max grant amount: £340
Grant you will receive: £340 (
Automed is a little more expensive than the reference cost so you will get the max grant amount)
Item must be: "A drenching gun, comprising the ability to wirelessly communicate with a weigh head to automatically adjust the dosage of drench or pour on depending on the animal’s weight, and ability to download treatment reports to a computer or mobile device."
Automed Gun with 20ml Oral/Pour-on Adapter qualifies  ✅


Weigh Heads and EID readers

- Electronic Weigh System

Reference cost: £978
Max grant amount: £391
Score: 410
Specification: "Digital weighing device with the ability to record individual animal’s weight, track live weight gains and interface with a computer or mobile device."
WeighRite  ✅, TruTest Eziweigh7i  ✅, TruTest JR5000  ✅ and TruTest XR5000  ✅ qualifies.

Grant you should receive: the cost of the WeighRite and Eziweigh7i is lower than the expected average cost, so you will simply receive 40% of what they cost (WeighRite is £453, Eziweigh7i is £766). For the JR5000 and XR5000, they cost more than the reference cost, so you'll receive the grant amount of £318 (a 33% effective grant on the JR5000, and 23% on the XR5000).


- EID hand held device

Reference cost: £1,114
Max grant amount: £446
Score: 520
Specification: "handheld EID reader comprising RFID technology for individual reading and recording of animals, ability to record individual weights, treatments, births, movement, and capability of exporting data to a computer based software package or cloud based application for the active monitoring of livestock"
Agrident AWR300  ✅ and Agrident APR450  ✅ qualifies

Grant you should receive: Both of these readers are cheaper than the average cost, so you should instead receive 40% of what they cost ex VAT (AWR300 costs £679, APR450 costs £609).

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