TruTest XR5000 Weigh Head

€1.940,00 EUR

Top of the range TruTest weigh head. Best suited for flocks recording a large number of traits (pedigree/performing recording) and farmers using auto-drafting equipment that requires a top level weigh head to operate.

SmartWorm Software Integration - YES (Android only)
Automed Smart Dose Gun Integration - YES (Android only)

  • Fast set-up and data transfer with large storage capacity and connectivity to revolutionise the way you manage your livestock. 
  • Built-in Bluetooth® technology and increased connectivity to a range of devices including EID readers.  
  • Unique Superdamp™ IV weighing technology quickly locks onto the weight of even the liveliest animals.  
  • Get started quickly with predefined setups or save your own favourite setups to easily switch between jobs.
  • Capacity to store up to 1 million records in 1,000 sessions and up to 100 pieces of information for each animal.
  • Transfer recorded information quickly and wirelessly with a range of data transfer options.
  • Track performance with a range of features to calculate and visualise the performance of individual animals or groups.
  • Advanced drafting in 10 different ways: simply by weight, through to multiple criteria.
  • Navigate and enter information easily with quick access keys and keypad to avoid obscuring the screen with dirty fingers.
  • On-the-spot support with built-in step-by-step instructions and pop-up help.  
  • Long battery life: 10 hours with the backlight on, and 13 hours without.
  • Built for use in rugged conditions: water, dust and shockproof with clear screen visibility even in harsh light.
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