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Sheep handler for fast, easy and safe dosing, weighing and drafting.
Supercharge the Cotter Crate with SmartWorm! The app provides real time recommendations on whether a lamb needs a wormer drench or not. Users are dosing 40-60% less lambs while achieving the same performance as if they blanket treated. Save on drench, reduce time spent drenching, and slow drench resistance.
Powered, smart drench gun that ensures every animal gets the right amount at the pull of a trigger (fixed dose mode). When used with a weigh crate like the Cotter Crate, the gun can automatically calculate the dose based on the animals weight (weight based mode), saving up to 20% in drench use.

One BIG Recent Story

The Best Sheep Handler Ever Made?

David Beattie, AKA Sheep School on YouTube, independently reviewed the Cotter Crate giving it a big thumbs up.

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