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World’s smallest and lightest automatic dosing gun launched

World’s smallest and lightest automatic dosing gun launched

Livestock technology company Cotter Agritech has launched Automed, the world’s smallest and lightest powered drench gun that calibrates dose rates automatically.

The gun, designed and manufactured by US based firm Automed, wirelessly connects to nearly every weigh head on the market with a free-to-use app, to calculate the dose based on an animals weight. Alternatively, a fixed dose can be set so every animal gets the same amount.

Announcing its release, Nick Cotter, Cotter Agritech’s co-founder and CEO said: “it’s 30% lighter than competitors, it’s smaller and it’s much better balanced. This really matters if you’re considering buying a smart dosing gun for sheep or cattle, and these qualities probably make it the best smart dosing gun on the market.”

The Automed gun is powered so it delivers medication at the pull of a trigger - eliminating repetitive hand strain, and taking the thinking out of drenching.

Nick highlighted, “Automed is brand new to Ireland and the UK but has been proven globally over the last few years. The experience has been that the cost of the gun is quickly repaid with a 20% saving in drench use by eliminating underdrenching and overdrenching. The partnership with the Automed Group made a lot of sense for us as our headline product is SmartWorm which is also focused on reducing and optimising drug inputs in livestock farming.”

The list of compatible weigh heads are in the table below, including Tru-Test, Gallagher, Shearwell and Pharmweigh.

The Automed dosing gun costs €999/£870 ex VAT and includes one adapter of your choice. Four competitively priced adapters are available for the Automed gun; a 20ml Oral/Pour On, 10ml Injection, 3ml Bottle Mount, and a 3ml Line Feed.

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 Key features:

  • Easy – powered dose delivery at the pull of a trigger
  • World’s lightest - weighs just 725g (with 20ml Oral/Pour On adapter attached)
  • Simple - 2 modes: fixed dose or weight based
  • Smart - free app provides weigh head integration and tracks drug savings
  • Accurate – complies with ISO 7886-1 (standard for syringes used in human medicine)
  • Long life - 2x 8 hour batteries supplied, enables near indefinite use
  • Safe - adjustable delivery speed for different medicines
  • Flexibility – manually set any fixed dose volume (0.1ml increments)
  • Super smart - alerts if full dose has not been delivered or if there is any blockage
  • Peace of mind - dose counter on the device
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