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€1260 ex vat


SmartWorm integration - Apple and Android

TruTest XRS2 EID Reader

  • Difference to SRS2: Alphanumeric keypad and 1,000,000 scanned tag memory. Capture up to 15 pieces of customised information for each animal, such as breed, sex, DOB and condition score.

    Captures EIDs, pre-loaded VID numbers and session count. Reads all ISO HDX and FDX-B tags.

    Bluetooth® Class 1 wireless technology to connect to Weigh Scale Indicators or other devices up to 100 m away.

    Long life and fast-charging battery. Up to 19 hours of push to read operation and 9.5 hours of continuous read. Free software. Easily download information using Data Link for Windows*, Apple* iOS and Android*.

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