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Cotter Agritech launches a new sheep han

Farm Open Day

Cotter Crate Demo Day: 9th Nov 2022 at 7pm - 9pm

Co. Antrim (BT44 9QN)

Find out more about...

Cotter Agritech are hosting a demo day in Co. Antrim on Wednesday 9th November 2022 to showcase the following: ​​

CotterCrate_Apr'22 (5).jpg
  • World-class flock of Easycare sheep

  • How the Cotter Crate sheep handler works + labour benefits

  • FBIS grants (closing 11th Nov)

  • Profitability benefits from regular weighing, EID recording & good drafting facilities

  • Dagging, tagging, drenching, vaccinating demo with Cotter Crate

  • Targeted Selective Treatment (TST) of wormers with the Cotter Crate working with SmartWorm app to reduce wormer resistance in sheep

​Interested to find out more? Why not register by clicking register above or text Nick on +353 86 330 1490

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Learn more about...

Cotter Crate - how does it work

Sheep Handling, Weighing & EID System,

all in one system

The best way to make life easy on a sheep farm is to provide excellent handling facilities to take the effort out of sheep work and reduce handling, saving you time and money.


This is sheep handling as it should be, giving you the time to enjoy farming while improving your profitability and productivity. Providing the best usability, accessibility, and serviceability, all in one system.

SmartWeight, enables weight recording, treatment management, and uniquely enables farmers

SmartWorm in action

Targeted Selective Treatment (TST) of wormers to reduce wormer resistance


Drench resistance is common in the majority of flocks in Ireland/UK. Reducing the use of these drugs to as much as necessary but as little as possible is key to protect against the development of further resistance.


SmartWorm provides the most usable technology available to target treatment to the animals that need it in real time. Integrated app reducing drench use by 40-50% without compromising on animal performance & welfare.

Why Should I Attend?

Leaping Lamb with green background..jpg
CotterCrate_Apr'22 (5).jpg
Caucasian couple farmers walking in barn with sheep flock, talking and using tablet device

Healthier sheep = more profit


Learn exactly how improving your flock health through regular weighing and EID impacts your farm's productivity.

Hear from experience


Ask questions of a sheep farmer that owns a sheep handling, weighing and EID system and hear how its making life easier

Like-minded farmers


Exchange ideas with other farmers who are looking to upgrade their sheep handling facilities, farm and lifestyle.

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